We are a high end photography and film company based in Amsterdam, specializing in sports, automotive, fashion and portrait productions.

Magenta believes that giving people a window into incredible stories isn't just the future of brand communication, it's what's happening right now. The world is full of pictures, noises and interference, and the only way to connect in a meaningful way with people today is to make images that we really care about. To make films and stills that get us excited and will do that for other people too. In stead of 'brands' setting themselves apart from 'consumers', we feel we are all the audience, and that the things that we care about, will matter to everyone.

Creativity is what we are known for and pride ourselves in, writing up exciting concepts for companies is what we find most fun. We have a vast understanding of sports marketing and are used to working with top athletes world wide. Because of our insider knowledge and experience, we can deliver images that appeal to both a mainstream and core audience, making your production all the more credible.

Magenta Stills works closely together with Magenta Films, we feed off of each others ideas and if needed, we can offer shoots where we take care of both stills and moving image; our experienced in-house production team will take care of everything.